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1 Wild Berry Reishi Yerba Mate Shot

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 Wild Berry Reishi Mate Shot - Glassflaske 59ml

Guayakí Organic Energy Shots are fueled by yerba mate's naturally uplifting, healthy and nourishing properties. These organic blends of ALL ORGANIC Superfood extracts will give you the energy you need to meet today's stresses and demands.

Quick Clean Energy! Convenient and portable. No jitters or crash. No running to the bathroom.

Only 25 calories per bottle. 433% of your Vitamin B-12 RDA, and 33% of your Vitamin C RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance).

All Natural, Organic, Sustainable, Vegetarian, Kosher. NO GMO’s, NO High Fructose Corn Sweeteners, NO Preservatives. NO Artificial flavors or colors.

Glass Amber Packaging (not leaching plastic like other shots) protects the product from light and oxygen.


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