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Gourd Gift Pack Wreath

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Wreath Gourd Gift Pack

Guayaki WreathGourd Gift Pack inneholder en håndutskåret calabaza kopp, en rustfri bombilla (sugerør) og 227g Guayaki Traditonal Yerba Mate.

Pakken med 227g løs yerba mate kommer i en egen pakning og forpakningen er dermed annerledes en på bildet.

Importør til Norge: Yerba Mate Norway AS

A great gift all year round.

Inside the box, there is a booklet with detailed information about the mate ritual, curing your gourd, preparation and sharing, and an interview with the individual artisans of the gourd and stainless steel bombilla.

NOTE: Each gourd has it's own unique animal design, each one being different, and are picked at random. Gourds are roughly the size of an average apple, some are a little bigger, some are a little smaller. It varies because they are natural. They are very comfortable to hold in your hand.



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