Handlekurven er tom

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Palo Santo Matekopp m/metall wrap

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Palo Santo Matekopp tre med metall wrap

En ettertraktet mate kopp laget av det velduftende Palo Santo treverket.

Palo Santo is a hardwood native to the tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas. Mate cups made of Palo Santo are popular because this fragrant wood contributes to the flavour, especially when used over time.

This wood is especially fragile, and as such should be cured to prevent splitting. To cure a palo santo mate, you should rub oil or butter on the inside walls. Add yerba mate leave and a small amount of water – enough to wet the leaves only not too much – and leave for a day. This process seals the pores and increases the life of the mate.

This mate cup is hand turned and the size can therefore vary slightly, but the average dimensions of this mate cup are:
Diameter at the widest point – 6.5cm
Height – 10.5cm


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